"Do not pray for easy lives but pray to be stronger."
John F. Kennedy

15 December 2007

Am i cute?

Hi my name is Nur Aliyah but you can call me Yaya. I am three years old. I stay with my parents in Cardiff, Wales. My papa is now doing his PhD at Cardiff University. He is also doing part time job as floor manager. Am i right, papa? My mama is a house manager. She loves to cook and cook and cook every day. No wonder my weight gains!

It is me and my sister.
Her name is Nur Alisya and everybody called her Caca.

I like to stay here since the weather suits me but sometimes I do have “hingus meleleh”. Papa loves to take us for “jalan-jalan” during weekends and above picture was taken during our "jalan-jalan" to ... (sorry I cannot remember ~sigh~)

I think all these for now and my cutest Angah will update later (cannot promise since my cutest Angah is "not so rajin" type of person :p)
Last but not least... am I as cute as my cutest Angah?

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