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11 January 2009

MCCOMM to-do-list

KOM 5213 Psychology of Communication
(Prof Madya Dr Ezhar Tamam - ezhar@fbmk.upm.edu.my)

1. Individual Assignment: Research You Can Use
Value: 15 points - oral & 10 points - written report

Each student will prepare Research You Can Use paper and present the paper before the class during 2nd and 3rd F2F meeting.

In this Research You Can Use assignment, you are required to make a 10 - 15 minutes presentation of recent findings in the area of psychology of communication (i.e., research of social thinking, social influence or interpersonal communication). What you need to do is identify and read a recent research article that you find interesting and then prepare a three-page report summarizing the key findings of the research.

Share in class your report by highlighting what you found useful and applicable in daily life from the research article reviewed. You should prepare a power-point present for this purpose. The objective of this exercise is to learn from each other of what you have read and learn from the literature reviewed.

Your instructor will identify top-three papers based on quality of the three-page report (i.e., usefulness, clarity and organization). Bonus mark will be given to these three papers.

Schedule of Presentation
The schedule will be available before the 2nd F2F meeting (21 @ 22 February 2009). There is no replacement slot for missing a presentation.

2. Group Assignment: Review and Synthesis Paper
Value: 30 points written report

Your group task is to write a comprehensive paper of about 10 pages (excluding references) Choose ONE topic from those listed below. The paper must be concise and well organized, typed double-space and font size of 12 point. Try to be as current as possible in your references. Use APA style. The assignement is due on the 13th week of the academic term (3rd F2F - 11 @ 12 April 2009).

a. Psychology of guilt
b. Psychology of shame
c. Psychology of deception
d. Psychology of apology
e. Psychology of complement

3. Final examination - 20%

Group members: Nora, cHiQuE CoMeL & Shiela.

KOM 5217 Strategies of Communication
(Prof Dr Haji Musa Abu Hassan (musa@putra.upm.edu.my)

1. Assignment 1 (Due: 13 February 2009)
Students need to review an article that contains communication strategies. The review should be typed written in three to four-pages, double space using Times New Roman font, size 12 point.

2. Assignment 2 (Due: 20 March 2009)
Case study, length five to eight-pages.

In Malaysia public seems to be reluctant to participate in the recycling programs organized by the various agencies. It has been found recucling had positive effect on the environment, helped to reduce solid waste and manage our natural resources more wisely.

You are required to come up with communication strategies to influence the public to participate and practice recycling program at their home and workplace. Among others, the flllowing items should be part of your communication strategies:
- objective: general and specific
- target group: e.g. working adults, youth, housewives (be specific)
- time frame: for how long?
- communication channels, media to be used: prints, mass media etc
- institutions to be involved in the communication strategies and who will be involved in the team: producers, writers, artists, public figures etc
- implementation plan: who does what and when
- evaluation plan: what is considered successful or failure?

3. Assignment 3 (Due: 17 April 2009)
Students need to get a case (issue, problem, challenge) from own organization and formulate a communication strategy to overcome / handle the case. Length 10 to 12 pages including at least three references.

Your report should state the case (issue, problem, challenge) clearly. In addition, you need to write the scenario of your institution or the background information of the case.

4. Final examination - 30%

KOM 5319 Communication and Decision Making
(Dr Megat Al Imran Yaasin - megat@fbmk.upm.edu.my)

1. Individual Assignment (Due: 2nd F2F - 21 @ 22 February 2009)
Need to overcome with own decision making in any field and prepare power-point slide presentation.

2. Group Presentation (Due: 2nd F2F - 21 @ 22 February 2009)
a. Unit 1 - Decision making, communication and related concepts.
b. Unit 8 - Intercultural decision making.
c. Research proposal - Intercultural Decision Making.

3. Group Presentation (Due: 3rd F2F - 11 @ 12 April 2009)
Presentation on outcome for research paper.

Group members: Nora, cHiQuE CoMeL, Azah & Balkis.

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