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30 March 2009

BOF OST Songs List

OST Part 1
1. Paradise by T-Max
2. I'm Stupid by SS501
3. Do You Know by Someday
4. Stand By Me by SHINee
5. Lucky by Ashily
6. Starlight Tears by Kin Yu Kyung
7. A Little by Seo Jin Young
8. One More Time by Tree Bicycles
9. I Know (Saxophone Instrumental) by Lee Jung Sik
10. Dance With Me (Instrumental)
11. Blue Flower (Instrumental)
12. So Sad (Instrumental)
13. Paradise Intro (Opening Title) by T-Max

OST Part 2
1. Say Yes by T-Max
2. Wish Ur My Luv by T-Max with J
3. 아쉬운 마음인걸 by AST1
4. 애인만들기 by SS501
5. 어떡하죠 by Jisun
6. Love Is Fire by Kara
7. Love U by How I
8. 사랑같은 거 by Brand New Day
9. 눈물이 난다 by Lee Sang-Gon
10. Cellogic by Kim Yeong Min
11. 다가가다 by Dong-Yo
12. 낯선 해 by Park Hye-Ri
13. 사랑을 위하여 by Park Hye-Ri

OST Part 2.5
1. 행복이란 (Happiness Is) by 김현중 (Kim Hyunjoong)
2. 가슴이 어떻게 됐나봐 (My Heart Had A Brain Freeze) by A & T
3. 나쁜 마음을 먹게해 (Fight The Bad Feeling) (Ballad Ver.) by T-Max
4. 나쁜 마음을 먹게해 (Fight The Bad Feeling) (Dance Ver.) by T-Max


maisyae said...

Hi..sy baru je lalu2 duk search pesal story hanayori Dango..then tersearch u nye blog..sy pon lyn cite BOF nih..tp ikut 303 ajerla...hanayori Dango awk dh tgk??if belum,tgklee..kalo dah,bestkan??sy tgk cite hanayori dulu baru tgk cite BOF nih..tp sy still jatuh chenta ngan Hanayori agik...yg mule2 cite meteor garden-sy tak lyn sgt..then bile di adaptasi pade Hanayori,baru sy lyn,then sy tgk BOF versi korea plak..apepun junpyo tuh ensem kan..ha ha ha

cHiQuE CoMeL said...

hmmm saya x penah tgk pun hanayori dango tuh sbb tatau pun penah ada citer tuh. klu meteor garden tuh penah lah dengo tp tuh pun x penah tgk gak. hmmm saya layan BOF nih pun sbb nak tgk junpyo jer... hehehe :lol: