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21 December 2009

Couples Retreat

Aiyokkk... baru berkesempatan nak post entry pasal movie nih. Kemain semangat pegi tengok tapi serius cakap jalan cerita dia sunguhhh lah lembabbb dan buhsannn!!! Rasa macam nak tertido pun ada (dah lah aku memang mengantuk giler sebelum masuk panggung tuh) tapi layankan jugaklah...

Following failed attempts to conceive, Jason and Cynthia are close to getting a divorce. In an effort to save their marriage they book a vacation to a couples therapy retreat, called Eden. To save money they encourage their friends to join them, and claim that their friends can enjoy the party activities and not take part in the therapy. Reluctantly their friends, Dave and Ronnie, Joey and Lucy, and recently divorced Shane and his girlfriend Trudy agree.

Upon their arrival at Eden, they are sent to the couples resort on the west side of the island, and forbidden from traveling to East Eden, which hosts a singles resort. During their first night, resort host Sctanley informs all four couples that they must all engage in the couples therapy or leave the resort. Despite reluctance to do the therapy, the couples decide that they will attend so they can enjoy the other amenities of the island.

At their first therapy session, all four couples learn they have problems with their relationships; even Ronnie and Dave, who thought they were fine. They endure the resort owner Marcel's unusual methods, including swimming with sharks and yoga sessions with amorous instructor Salvadore.

On the fourth night, Trudy escapes to Eden East and the other seven, encouraged by Joey who is unsatisfied with his marriage, leave to find her. Following an argument between Cynthia and Jason, the men and women split up.

The women run into Salvadore, and he takes them to Eden East. The men come across the staff lounge, and find Sctanley playing Guitar Hero. He threatens to report them to Marcel, but Dave challenges him to the game, not telling Sctanley that he is involved in the game's production. Dave beats Sctanley and he directs them to Eden East.

When they arrive, Dave realizes what he has with Ronnie and takes her to be alone at the waterfall. Joey sees Lucy with Salvadore and knocks him out, re-uniting with his wife. Cynthia and Jason share drinks and admit their problems. Shane runs in to his ex-wife, who admits she still loves him. All four couples return to Eden West.

Marcel meets the couples and, seeing that they have worked out their problems, frees them from the therapy and tells them to go jet skiing.

Walaupun jalan cerita movie nih lembabbb kemain tapi aku rasa ada mesej yang berguna nak disampaikan untuk setiap pasangan sebenonya...

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