"Do not pray for easy lives but pray to be stronger."
John F. Kennedy

04 February 2010

Guidelines for happiness

1. Free your heart from hate

2. Free your mind from worry

3. Live simple

4. Give more

5. Expect less


ARC™ said...

=0 pndek gle entry

Aus said...

aku selalu amalkan yg no.3
live simple..

Qismina , Jari Kau Gatal Sangat
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cHiQuE CoMeL said...

@ ARC™
akk takut nnt entry pepnjg sgt ARC buhsan nak baca ;)

okaylah tuh... kira ada gak yg diamalkan :D

::aMaD:: said...

oh yeah!
itu yang terbaik!
life mesti selalu kena happy. ^^

cHiQuE CoMeL said...

yeaaa sy setujuuu!!! :D